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       Shining-group is well-known for its global service in products solution supllier and technology development, after 10 years hard work in turn-key solutions development in industrial computer, smart phone/wearable device ,smart home , audio and wireless communication modules, we have built up solid relationship with our partners to provide total solutions on electronics development, we not only sell product, but also help the clients to realize his/her dreams and ideas with our professional development team ,all the management team have working experience in leading international company such as Microsoft,Intel ,frontier silicon,VIA . Now, the Shining-group has rebuilt its business to be more flexible to get with the requirement of new challange ,the clients can get realize his/her dream on shining-group flexible hardware and software solution, easily build up their business with our help.
      As our target is helping clients all over the world to realize their dream with strong support ,our team has cooperate with many companies to finish projects based on our general products or customer’s ODM development, our products have been applied in lots of industrial all over the world such as Switzerland ,U.S.A, Canada, Swedence,Korea,Iran,Vienam… our slogan to the clients is “your dream, our promise”, the clients can realize its development in the fastest way based on our technical platform and development work.
     As electronics and software technology changes faster and faster, the time to solution and market is so important, we have source out the best procedures for product solutions from the requirement analysis, time schedule, risk control in development, cost control, product quality control. The world is creative with your ideas, we help you to make this creative dreams to come true.